My name is Shauna Kato (surprise!) and that’s me. I’ve popped since then, but the downside of being a photographer is never having any great pictures of yourself to show off. It’s also one of my favorite pictures of myself, so I’m going to keep it around.

I don’t want to waste time telling you too much about myself here, after all, we’re here for you! You’ve got a beautiful family with a special event coming up that you want to photograph, right? And not only do you want beautiful heirloom keepsakes, you want an fantastic experience as well.

You’re in the right place! I’ve been a freelance photographer for over 5 years and have finally made the leap into owning my own studio (who knew that having a baby could be so expensive and take up so much of your time?).

My beautiful son is my favorite subject and has helped me find my passion for children’s portraiture that I hadn’t previously explored. Hopefully you’ll find that we’re a great fit and I’ll hear from you soon.

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