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Cherish Your Memories

Are you looking for a family photographer in Orange County or nearby places? Well, your research has brought you to the right page. Family photography is beautiful. It showcases your love for each other in your family – and shares the strong bonding between family members. A newborn raised in the hands of a wrinkled and overjoyed grandmother – is a sight to behold. All generations in one frame – the grandfather, the father and the child – this is the best part of a family photo session. The dad and the mom lifting the child high above their head is a beautiful moment. As a local Irvine family photographer, I find immense joy in capturing these precious moments through family photo shoots.

So why should you opt for my family photo shoot service?

I know you love your family and what better way to preserve those smiles and laughter than with family portraits. When it comes to family photo shoots, please keep Shauna Kato photography in mind. Here are some other compelling reasons for investing in family portraits–

  • Reminds you of the good times

    As a local photographer, I can tell you that with my beautiful family photography, you get to capture a moment in time. Time goes by very quickly. Your little bundle of joy will not be little forever. Don’t you want to preserve those moments of joyfulness when your child is still a baby? Give me the honor and I will deliver some awesome family photos that you will love. When you will grow old, these photos will remind you of good times that you had with your family.

  • A number of fun options

    I not only provide services in a number of locations within Orange County but also work in L.A County and Inland Empire, offering a variety of fun options to choose from regarding props and poses. If you would prefer to be in a studio setting, we can schedule your shoot in my Irvine studio. All you have to do is act natural and enjoy the photo session. In order to make the picture memorable and fun, I share some really good ideas that you can incorporate. Also, if you have ideas of your own please share them with me, so that together we can create beautiful family photos.

  • Boost your child’s self-esteem

    When your children see themselves in the family portrait, they feel valued and understand that they are an important part of the family. They get to learn that it is where that they belong and that their family is a part of their being. This gives their self-esteem a huge boost. As a family photographer, I make sure to bring out the best in a family through my photography. So when your children see the family photos, they will remember all the good and positive times. This is also a great family bonding time and I often get to see the silly side of the parents as well as the children.

  • It makes a statement that your family is important to you

    Are you a Tustin area resident? My professional family photography service is available there and I often shoot at the Irvine Regional Park. Let me capture the best moments that you have with your family so that you can display them in your home and proudly share a picture on your office desk of your beautiful family.

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Looking for a local family photographer? Or have questions about my services? Please send me a message or give me a call and I’d be happy to help. Get in touch with me today!