I specialize in providing an excellent, unique experience from start to finish. We will dedicate as much time as needed to make sure that you have the perfect session and are able to create one of a kind heirloom keepsakes that your family will treasure forever.

Session fees start at just $250.

An average Shauna Kato Photography client invests $650-$1900+ in their custom artwork.

Book Your Session

To book a consultation or take a tour of the studio, call me!

Call: 512-468-1360


What is included in a session?

Every session includes:

  • A free design consultation
  • Hair and make-up for 1 person
  • A minimum of 1 hour of photography
  • Custom-designed albums, wall collections and gifts
  • Same-day editing, viewing and ordering

Who is your clientele?

My clients is anyone that sees the true value in one-of-a-kind art pieces that will bring joy to their families every single day for the rest of their lives. They know that family portraits are a NEED, not a want and they don’t want a cookie-cutter, hectic (or worse: BORING) experience. They want to be able to relax and have a great time making their memories.​

When to book

Maternity sessions take place at 32-36 weeks, newborn sessions are best done between 4-10 days old. Both of these types of sessions will be ‘soft booked’ meaning we will keep the date flexible to work with your pregnancy. For these types of sessions, to guarantee there is an opening, please attempt to book as soon as you know your due date. We will adjust the session date as you move closer to your due date. For family and senior portraits, book any time, but for best availability book two weeks in advance.

How to book a session

It’s very simple! Just visit the Contact Me page and call or e-mail me. The session fee is due at the time of booking to hold your date and your package fee is due the day of the session, before we begin. I offer a 100% guarantee on my services and products.

What is included?

The session fee includes the photographer’s time and talent, image processing, any travel time and your hair, make-up and wardrobe options. Packages include a number of digital images and a print credit. Rather than forcing you to buy certain sized prints, you simply select your budget and decide from there without any pressure.

How long does the process last?

The consultation is 30-60 minutes. Basic sessions start at 1 hour (depending on how many people and looks you’d like), Senior sessions start at 2 hours (depending on how many locations and looks you’d like) and newborn sessions are 3-4 hours. Our in person viewing sessions is 30-60 minutes. From session to viewing is typically 7-14 business days, but we can narrow that down after your session based on the number of images to prepare. Items are typically available for pick-up within 7 business days of viewing.

How many images do I get?

I will present to you all of the images that have met my standards of quality, meaning that I will only leave out images that are either blurry, blinking etc. The longer your session, the more images, but you will never view less than 40 images, including black/white artistic edits.

How does your 100% guarantee work?

Session fees are non-refundable, but if you are not happy with your images, your purchase will be applied to another session and we will re-shoot. If any of your items are damaged, they will be replaced immediately through our print lab at no cost or headache to you. No matter what, you will leave happy with your keepsakes or I will make it right, I promise.​

How can I view images on my own walls?

Using unique software, all you have to do is e-mail me an image of your walls with an 8.5’x11′ (standard printing paper) taped wherever you might hang a portrait. We use this to calibrate the software so that you can see your images in true size in your own home! With this, you can relax and know that it will fit and compliment your space.

Can you accommodate special needs?

It’s my pleasure to offer photography sessions to ALL families. Please ask if you have a special request and I will do everything possible to make sure your session is enjoyable and that you get amazing portraits that show your beautiful family exactly as they are. For sensory sensitivities, lighting can be lowered and flashes can be omitted. If you need extra time to get acquainted with the studio, that can be arranged at no extra cost. Wheelchairs (or any movement device) are always welcome, and if you’d like to go without, we can create a set design that is beautiful, comfortable and easy to work with.